Kathryn was born on July 26th in Princeton, Illinois; while still in high school she took theatre classes at the nearby university; Northwestern.She attended junior college in Joliet, Illinois.

She now lives in New York.


Kathryn has had guest starring roles in over 50 television shows including; High Chaparral and Star Trek which she received Emmy nominations for. She also starred in the daytime musical special After Hours: Getting to know you on CBS.

Kathrynís film credits include leading roles in Counterpoint with Charlton Heston and Maximillian Shell; The Savage Land with George C Scott; Yuma with Clint Walker; Ride Beyond Vengeance and Lady Bug, Lady Bug.


On Broadway she had roles in Mary, Mary with Barbara Bel Geddes and Barry Nelson, and the Irregular Verb to Love with Claudette Colbert and Cyril Ritchard.


Kathryn toured with Don Hastings in a musical concert act, Hastings and Hays on Love, and they were both cast members in an off-Broadway production of Algonquin Sampler.


Kathryn has played the role of Kim Hughes for over 25 years; after being married quite of few times she has settled down with on-screen husband Bob Hughes and they have a college aged son together; Chris.