As The World Turns - Thursday, June 14, 2001 (CBS). TV Rating: TV-14 D Approximate Oakdale Date: June 11, 2001 (Same Day) Time: Afternoon Place: Oakdale, Illinois Location: Luthers Corners Church Scene: Sanctuary [Two large pictures of Luke and Holden are placed at the altar] LILY WALSH SNYDER ALONE. >> Lily: I'm supposed to say good-bye to you today. Good-bye. I never thought I could hate such a simple word. People should be arriving soon. Reverend Elkins is very concerned that people won't be able to fit here in the church, there will be so many people. You know, I can let him worry about that. I'm worried how I'm going to face another set of pitying eyes, another "I'm so sorry." I know they're just trying to give me what they think that I need, but it's not what I need. I need -- I need you, Holden. And I need you, Luke. I need to know where you are. I looked at my face for the first time in the mirror. For days, I haven't looked at myself, and I tried to figure out how I was gonna talk about my husband and my son in the past tense. And I saw the most important part of my life just disappear -- right before my eyes. And I made a decision. I'm not gonna say good-bye. No, not today. No, because I don't accept it. I don't accept that you're gone. And if I have to be the grieving widow and the grieving mother for people, I will accept their kisses and their condolences, but I will not accept their pity. Because if I took their pity, that means that you're out of my life. Forever. So I'm going to make a promise to both of you. You will always have a special secret place in my heart -- a place for hope, where hope still lives. [Lily kisses the photos.] >> Lily: It'll be our little secret. Place: Wisconsin Location: Boat rental business. JAKE McKINNON AND DOYLE >> Jake: So how many -- how many months exactly are you -- are you open here? >> Doyle: I already told you, it's not open at all anymore. Look, if you're hoping I'll come up with something about that guy you were asking all the questions about, you can forget it. You're wasting your time. I've already forgotten the name. >> Jake: Grimaldi. Damian Grimaldi. You're right, you're right. I am looking for info on that guy. See, two of the people that were on that boat were very important to me. If there's any chance that they got off it, that he and his young son are still alive -- >> Doyle: Look, buddy, I don't know how many times you want me to say this and how many ways, I've never heard of the fellow that you're talking about. Now, when I come back here, you best be gone. I don't have time to stand around all day. JAKE McKINNON AND SIMON FRASIER >> Jake: Charming fellow. Did you get a look at that speedboat? >> Simon: Yeah, I picked the lock and slipped inside. >> Jake: Well, you're a man of many talents. Any -- any -- you find anything that shows that Holden and Luke may have gotten out of that explosion? >> Simon: It's a long shot, but I think I have. Location: Oakdale Airport Scene: Terminal building LUCINDA WALSH AND MISS ROSE D'ANGELO >> Rose: Hey, Ms. Walsh! >> Lucinda: Oh, oh, hi, dear. Hi, I'm here. I didn't miss it? >> Rose: Nope, no, no. >> Lucinda: All right. I've been thinking about the little boy on the whole trip. I'm sorry, are you all right? >> Rose: Oh, yeah. I mean -- I'm keeping it together for Lily. That's my job. >> Lucinda: Great. Honey, I can't believe it. Holden and Luke both dead. I - - thank you. Thank you for finding me. I know I didn't make it easy on you. >> Rose: No, but I don't want to fill your head with bad news -- more bad news -- but your company, you know, was almost taken over, you know? >> Lucinda: Oh, I know, I know. I heard all about that. >> Rose: And you know by who. >> Lucinda: I don't have to ask questions. I know it was Craig Montgomery. All right, well today -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I've lost a grandson, but all I can think of is Lily, and she's lost, you know -- I just don't know. I don't know how she can bear it. How can anybody bear it? >> Rose: I keep asking myself the same thing. >> Lucinda: Okay. >> Rose: The business that you gave me was a godsend, because it kept me so busy I couldn't think about the real stuff. >> Lucinda: Oh, well great. That's nice. Well, okay, today is for Lily. Tomorrow I'm gonna take care of that. I'm gonna nail Craig. Come on. Location: Lakeview Hotel Scene: Craig Montgomery's penthouse suite. BARBARA RYAN AND CRAIG MONTGOMERY >> Craig: You know, we don't have to leave for the memorial service yet. You want to wait? >> Barbara: Yeah, maybe that would be a good idea. >> Craig: You want a drink? >> Barbara: No, but you go ahead. >> Craig: Yeah, yeah. [Craig sighs.] >> Craig: Yeah. You know, I want to thank you, Barbara. >> Barbara: Really, what for? >> Craig: Well, you've been angry ever since I tried to pass off Carly's designs as someone else's. That was bad, and I know that. I didn't take into account your history with Carly. I'm sorry. >> Barbara: Carly doesn't bother me anymore. >> Craig: No? That's good. That's good. That's understanding and generous of you, Barbara. Do you want to go? Wait? >> Barbara: No, I -- you know, we've been so wrapped up with our problems lately, we haven't had a chance to talk about anything pleasant. >> Craig: Yeah. What do you want to talk about? >> Barbara: Oh, I don't know. This morning you said that you had a "Business proposition" you wanted to discuss with me? >> Craig: Are you sure you want to talk about business? This morning you were kind of opposed to the idea. >> Barbara: Well, as you said, we are both more emotional than usual because of this service. So please don't take whatever I said to heart. You know that I rely on you implicitly. >> Craig: Yeah, well, okay. All right. Okay. Now, the first thing you have to know about my newest venture is that it is absolutely and completely Carly- free. >> Barbara: Well, then why wouldn't I be interested? Craig, you are a brilliant businessman with amazing instincts. I'd be a fool not to listen to your ideas. >> Craig: Yeah. And believe me. I have to stay away from B.R.O. I hear that. It's hands off from your company from this moment on, okay? I have learned. >> Barbara: Have you? Maybe you better tell it to the judge. At your trial for theft and fraud. Location: Oakdale Court apartment complex. Scene: Carly Tenney's apartment. CARLY TENNEY AND JACK SNYDER >> Carly: I keep thinking about Lily and Holden, how they'll never have a moment like this again. Just the simple act of saying good-bye before you send each other off into the world. They'll never have that again. So are you gonna go right to the memorial service from the station? >> Jack: You'll meet me there? >> Carly: Of course I will. >> Jack: I have no idea how I'd get through this without you. >> Carly: We are so lucky to have found each other again, Jack. Will you promise me we won't forget that? >> Jack: No, we won't. Nothing can come between us from now on. Not Julia, not stupid fights about Craig, nothing. >> Jack: I need you so much. Location: Oakdale Memorial Hospital Scene: Psychiatric ward MRS. JULIA LINDSEY SNYDER AND A NURSE >> Nurse: Look, steak and eggs. It's not on the usual menu, but you look so pale, and you have to be hungry by now. It's been two days. Come on, isn't it a nice change from the oatmeal? Please try it. MRS. JULIA LINDSEY SNYDER, NURSE, AND A MAINTENANCE MAN. >> Maintenance man: Hi, I got a call about a broken air conditioner? >> Nurse: Right. I'll leave this in case you change your mind. GLOBE ANIMATION AND SHOW THEME. Longer version globe animation and show theme. Characters shown (in order): Tom Hughes with Margo Hughes, Mrs. Julia Lindsey Snyder, Holden Snyder, Miss Abigail Williams, Jake McKinnon, Isaac Jenkins, Miss Emily Stewart, Dr. John Dixon, Miss Rose D'Angelo, Nancy McClosky, Hal Munson with Barbara Ryan, and Mrs. Katie Peretti Frasier. [Fade to sponsor.] >> Announcer: As The World Turns is brought to you by Tylenol. Take comfort in our strength. [Fade to a commercial break.] Location: Oakdale Memorial Hospital Scene: Psychiatric ward MRS. JULIA LINDSEY SNYDER AND A NURSE >> Nurse: I knew a little flavor would do the trick. They are so uptight around here with all their rules and regulations. Not that Dr. Michaels isn't the best doctor. If anybody can make you feel better, she can. >> Julia: Hmm, Dr. Michaels is wonderful. MRS. JULIA LINDSEY SNYDER, NURSE, AND A MAINTENANCE MAN. >> Maintenance man: I need someone to sign my work order. >> Nurse: Oh, coming. MRS. JULIA LINDSEY SNYDER ALONE. >> Julia: Please understand, Dr. Michaels. It's just -- it's like you said. Sometimes you have to help yourself. [Julia takes the knife and hides it up her sleave] Location: Lakeview Hotel Scene: Craig Montgomery's penthouse suite. BARBARA RYAN AND CRAIG MONTGOMERY >> Craig: What are you talking about? >> Barbara: Explain this to me, all right? You see these numbers over here? These are numbers of checks. See these numbers over here? These are the amount the checks were written out for. And you see this big fat number down here? This is the total amount that was written on my account that you have done. You have used my money, Craig! >> Craig: All right, I did use those checks. >> Barbara: You are one cool customer. >> Craig: But this is what I'm trying to tell -- >> Barbara: Was so worried when I asked you to write a prenuptial agreement. I was so worried that I was the one that was being selfish, torturing me with those hurt eyes of yours again. You had this set up from the get-go! >> Craig: If you think, what is really so wrong here? >> Barbara: You stole so much money from my corporate account that Paul called me from Paris, telling me that we were having cash flow problems. He wanted to know if I'd gone on some kind of manic shopping spree. >> Craig: Paul should know better than that. >> Barbara: Why should he? My signature was on those checks. >> Craig: Barbara, we have a misunderstanding. Give me a chance to explain. >> Barbara: Misunderstanding?! I have misunderstood that you have stolen millions of dollars from my corporate account? >> Craig: I thought you trusted me. >> Barbara: I did. Fool that I was. I trusted you so much. I left my home for you. I left my children for you. >> Craig: Barb, barb, come -- >> Barbara: Hal was right. Hal was right all along. All you wanted me for was my money. Place: Wisconsin Location: Boat rental business. JAKE McKINNON AND SIMON FRASIER >> Jake: All right, what'd you find? >> Simon: Yes. >> Both: Bingo. >> Jake: Lollipop. >> Simon: Lollipop. I know it doesn't look like much. >> Jake: No, it doesn't look like much. It looks like something a kid would leave on any boat at any time anywhere. >> Simon: It wasn't just left anywhere on the boat. It was stuck to the back of the driver's seat. I'm gonna go way out on a limb here and say I think this is some kind of signal sent by Holden. >> Jake: I won't go out on that limb with you. >> Simon: All right? >> Jake: It looks like a lollipop! You don't have kids, do you? >> Simon: No, I don't, but what's that got to do with anything? >> Jake: I have kids. I have toddlers. And the other day, I was gonna tape a ball game. And I went to put a tape in, only the tape wouldn't go in because there was a cheese sandwich in there. What, you think that's some kind of signal?! >> Simon: All right, okay, okay, fine. Maybe it's nothing, all right? But I still think we should tell Lily. >> Jake: For what? She'll want to stick us in a rubber room. >> Simon: Listen, listen, we know that Damian had this phone number, all right? We also know that the owner of this shack has suddenly come into some very, very major dough. All right, you already agreed that it's very possible and very likely that Damian paid him for the use of his boat to get away from the explosion. Now, this -- this could be Holden's way of sending out a message to his family. Lollipop. >> Jake: Okay, look, I know where Lily is, all right? She feels like she's drowning. I'm not gonna be the one to throw her a life preserver and then yank it back. Look, it's late. I gotta get to the memorial service. I promised I would be there with Molly and Abigail. >> Simon: I'm gonna stick around here, ask a few more questions. Maybe the owners of the other boats know something or saw something. >> Jake: Unless you come up with more than a green lollipop, don't bug Lily! Location: Luthers Corners Church Scene: Sanctuary LILY WALSH SNYDER AND A MINISTER >> Minister: Lily, I hate to disturb you. >> Lily: Is it time already? >> Minister: Not, not quite yet. But I need to give the music director the list of songs that you wanted played. I have the list of Holden's favorites, but you were going to get back to me about Luke's. Were there any songs that were his especial favorites? If this is too painful, I think that -- >> Lily: Yeah, in Sunday school, he liked -- "This Little Light of Mine." >> Minister: That is a beautiful song. I'll see that it's on the list. Is there anything else that I can do for you? >> Lily: I can't take this. I just can't take it. LILY WALSH SNYDER AND LUCINDA WALSH >> Lucinda: Pussy cat. [Lucinda hugs Lily] Are we all right? Oh, mama's here. Mommy's here. Mommy's here. Mom's here -- oh, oh. [Fade to a commercial break.] Location: Luthers Corners Church Scene: Sanctuary LILY WALSH SNYDER AND LUCINDA WALSH >> Lucinda: Oh, honey. Oh, honey. You know, I've been told, but I don't believe it. >> Lily: I don't believe it either. >> Lucinda: I can't believe it. >> Lily: I can't -- I just -- they haven't found their -- >> Lucinda: I know. >> Lily: -- Their bodies. >> Lucinda: Oh, sweetheart. >> Lily: If this isn't real, then where are -- where are they? Where are they? >> Lucinda: Shh. I've had this image. You know, I've been thinking. I keep thinking about Emma's barn. >> Lily: That's where I've been, that I've been -- I hear Holden's voice. And I can actually see them coming through the front door and talking about the horses, and they're covered in dirt, and they're smiling, and they're telling jokes, and -- >> Lucinda: There's something very lonely about an old barn. Honey, I don't know how Damian could do this. >> Lily: No. >> Lucinda: I really don't. I mean, how could he drag these two in his disaster? If he weren't gone, I would -- I would tend to dispatch him again myself. >> Lily: Don't do that, please. I've been -- no, I've been angry, and it doesn't change anything. Damian just thought he was trying to protect Luke, to keep him out of danger. But he was wrong. He was so wrong. Location: Lakeview Hotel Scene: Craig Montgomery's penthouse suite. BARBARA RYAN AND CRAIG MONTGOMERY >> Craig: Barbara, come on. All this stress is making you wild. Look, I love you for you, for your soul. And, okay, your face and body does have something to do with it, but come on, I'm flesh and blood. I would love you even if your bank account was empty. >> Barbara: It almost is because of you, Craig. >> Craig: If you give me a chance to explain, you might realize that you are catastrophizing this. >> Barbara: Really? All right, then let's get a second opinion. I'll call my lawyer, and then I'll call the police. >> Craig: Bar-bar, look. I did use B.R.O. money, and I realize that at first you may not like the idea, but I am trying to explain. >> Barbara: You give that to me, or I go downstairs, and I use the one in the lobby. >> Craig: Just give me one -- one minute. One minute, all right? Try to see the bigger picture here. >> Barbara: Oh, I see the bigger picture. I know that you helped yourself to your son's trust fund. I know that you tried to bankrupt my company. Don't tell me that there's more. >> Craig: There is more, actually. There is a lot more. We now own enough Worldwide stock to make us twice as rich, okay? Rich enough to pay Bryant back, rich enough to topple Lucinda from her perch as chairman of the board. We are rich, okay?! It happened faster than even I thought it would. But here we are. I tried to explain this to you before, but you wouldn't hear -- you didn't want to get into it. Then you had to make a phone -- you didn't even make a phone call. And then you had to go off with will. I had to move. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both of us. >> Barbara: Both of us? >> Craig: Yes! Well, who else? Huh? You said you wanted to live in Paris, you know, winter in the Riviera. We can do that now. Plus, we do have Lucinda where we want her. >> Barbara: And where is that? >> Craig: Well, you remember that night when she was at the police station, when she had those trumped-up charges against me? >> Barbara: Yeah, she said that you were in cahoots with the con artists who were trying to poison her. >> Craig: Yes. Well, now we have her right where we want her. Mm? You want to call your lawyer? Go ahead. And by the way, tell him I quadrupled your investment in one week. And then tell me what he says. Location: Oakdale Court apartment complex. Scene: Carly Tenney's apartment. CARLY TENNEY AND JACK SNYDER >> Jack: What are you thinking? >> Carly: Nothing. Just -- >> Jack: Feeling sad about the memorial service? >> Carly: Yeah. Yeah, it's part that. You know, I was thinking that it's been such a long and bumpy road to get us to this point. >> Jack: Yeah, tell me about it. I still got the bruises to prove it. But that's over. What? What? >> Carly: I don't know. Do you -- you think it's okay that we're so happy? Do you think we deserve it? >> Jack: Of course we do. >> Carly: We do? >> Jack: Yes. >> Carly: Well, I'm just feeling guilty, I guess. >> Jack: Carly, I'd give my own life for you and Parker if I had to. >> Carly: Please don't say anything like that. >> Jack: No, what I'm trying to say is when feelings run this deep, it's not something to feel guilty about. It's something to be grateful for. [Phone rings.] >> Jack: It's probably Margo calling me to the carpet for being late. She's really taking this promotion thing way too seriously. JACK SNYDER GETS A CALL FROM DR. LYNN MICHAELS. >> Jack: Snyder. Hi, Dr. Michaels. Listen, I know you're probably calling about Julia, but as I mentioned to you the last time I was at the hospital, I really think it's best if I stay out of her life at this point. What? She didn't. How? All right, I'll be right there. CARLY TENNEY AND JACK SNYDER >> Carly: What? What did she do? >> Jack: She tried to kill herself. [Fade to a commercial break.] END OF PART ONE Globe animation appearance. PART TWO Globe logo re-appearance. Location: Oakdale Court apartment complex. Scene: Carly Tenney's apartment. CARLY TENNEY AND JACK SNYDER >> Carly: I can't believe Julia did that. How'd it happen? >> Jack: Somehow she got a knife off a food tray, sneaked it back to her room and cut her wrists. Luckily, somebody found her before she lost too much blood. >> Carly: Who would bring a knife into a psych ward? >> Jack: That's what Dr. Michaels is trying to find out. Julia's asking for me. >> Carly: I'm sorry. >> Jack: Yeah, so am O. >> Carly: You know what? I always had it in my head that she was faking, that she was doing this whole psycho act just to make us miserable. But if she went this far, Jack -- how desperate does somebody have to be to actually take a knife? >> Jack: I think -- I told Dr. Michaels I'd be right down there, but maybe that was a mistake. Maybe -- maybe the best thing for Julia is to stay away. I'll send her a letter, let her know that hurting herself isn't gonna change anything between us. I know it sounds cruel, Carly, but God help us. This has to stop somewhere! >> Carly: I know, I know. I was thinking the same thing when you first told me what she did. But you have to think about it, Jack. We have each other. And Julia, with all of her money, she's got nothing. >> Jack: So, I should go? >> Carly: You should go. Location: Lakeview Hotel Scene: Craig Montgomery's penthouse suite. BARBARA RYAN AND CRAIG MONTGOMERY >> Barbara: Before I call my lawyer, I'd like to get a couple of things straight. >> Craig: Sure. >> Barbara: How did you know this was the right time to buy up Worldwide? >> Craig: I tried to tell you, bar-bar, I was getting signals. I've been following that company's financials for years. >> Barbara: "Financials"? >> Craig: Yeah. >> Barbara: It's an awfully funny name for this rag. >> Craig: Oh, please. Oh, yes, I was at the board meeting and, oh, yes, I did happen to see Lucinda go on. >> Barbara: And you also made sure there was press coverage in this tabloid that you happen to own. >> Craig: So now, you're protective of Lucinda? >> Barbara: I'm thinking maybe she wasn't so crazy that day in the police station when she accused you. >> Craig: You believe I am capable of poisoning? >> Barbara: Did you cause Lucinda's episode at the Worldwide board meeting? >> Craig: I'm not even gonna answer that. >> Barbara: Craig, I know enough about business to know that you don't land in this kind of honey without a little inside manipulation. You've had this planned for months -- not just our marriage, but Lucinda, setting her up for a big fall. And then, using B.R.O. money to ravage her company when the stock plummeted! >> Craig: This was a golden opportunity. I had to grab it! I was trying to do something for us, all right? Maybe my mistake was not getting your final approval. All right? But we shouldn't be fighting, we should be celebrating. You see the bottom line? Four times this. >> Barbara: I know what "quadruple" means. >> Craig: You still want to call your lawyer? >> Barbara: Not yet. Maybe there's a way you can redeem yourself. >> Craig: What? >> Barbara: Write out a check to me for every penny of that money. [Fade to a commercial break.] Location: Lakeview Hotel Scene: Craig Montgomery's penthouse suite. BARBARA RYAN AND CRAIG MONTGOMERY >> Craig: I -- I can't touch that money. >> Barbara: Can't or won't? >> Craig: It's not my transaction. The lawyer was the middleman. Here, that's everything I can lay my hands on. >> Barbara: Call Cass. I'm sure he's in his office. >> Craig: I can't believe this. >> Barbara: Oh, believe it, honey. I put up the front money. The profit belongs to me. And either you get a cashier's check to me by 10:00 this evening, or I will call the cops and have you charged with theft, fraud, embezzlement and anything else I can think of. >> Craig: Don't get hysterical, bar-bar. We can work this out. >> Barbara: Oh, by "working this out" you mean, you do what you want. You see Carly, you use my money, you play me for a fool. And I what? Stay in the marriage, why? To save face? No, I already made a pact with the devil when I married you. I will not make another. >> Craig: I didn't steal anything! It's B.R.O. money, all right? The signatures on the checks are yours, the same stamp you always use. >> Barbara: Well, that may be true. But I was married to the chief of detectives. This is Oakdale, I don't think I'm gonna have too much trouble convincing the police. 10:00 -- and I'll take this as a down payment. Oh, and in case you haven't figured it out, Craigy, we are finished. Oh, and by the way, you may be good enough in bed for Carly Tenney, but I found your reputation to be a bit exaggerated. [Craig sighs.] Location: Luthers Corners Church Scene: Sanctuary LILY WALSH SNYDER, LUCINDA WALSH, AND THE MINISTER. >> Minister: There's a crowd gathering outside. Would you mind if I opened the chapel doors and started letting people in? >> Lily: I'm really gonna need you today. >> Lucinda: I'm right here. >> Minister: Ready? >> Lily: Oh, um -- reverend -- what -- when there's enough people inside, can you play that song that I gave you? Holden's favorite. >> Minister: Of course. MISS MOLLY CONLAN AND MISS ABIGAIL WILLIAMS ENTER. >> Lucinda: Abigail. >> Abigail: Ms. Walsh. >> Lucinda: Oh, darling. Oh, why don't you call me Lucinda? Will you, please? Be a brave girl. And your eyes -- I see Holden in your eyes today. Hello, doll. >> Molly: Hi. EMMA SNYDER AND MRS. IVA SNYDER BENEDICT ENTER. >> Lucinda: Yeah. I feel like he's my own child. >> Iva: Hi, Lucinda, I'm glad you're here. >> Lucinda: Well -- >> Iva: Lily really needs you. CAL STRICKLYN, CALEB SNYDER, AND SETH SNYDER ENTER. >> Lily: Cal, thank you. Thank you -- thank you for coming. >> Cal: Where else would I be, except with my precious granddaughter? You know, if I could, I'd make all of this go away for you, darling. There's some things even a stubborn old rancher just can't do. >> Lily: Just pray for them, okay? >> Cal: Of course I will. >> Lily: Oh, Caleb. >> Caleb: Lily -- >> Lily: Seth, oh -- just doesn't seem normal having you here without Holden? He was just talking about how he wanted to get everybody together again at the farm and -- he missed you so much -- both of his brothers. >> Caleb: Just doesn't seem real. >> Lily: I know. >> Seth: I can't believe that we're not gonna see him back at the farm. I wish that -- oh, you know what I wish, Lily. >> Lily: It means so much to me that you're here. Location: Oakdale Court apartment complex. Scene: Carly Tenney's apartment. CARLY TENNEY AND JACK SNYDER >> Carly: So you'll call me from the hospital, let me know how Julia's doing. >> Jack: I will. You know there was a time when I blamed all of our problems on Julia. But now I can't help feeling sorry for her. >> Carly: And we'll still meet at the memorial service, right? >> Jack: Yes. I told you, I won't be able to get through this without you. What a day. I'll call you if things get complicated, okay? [Knock at the door.] >> Carly: Just a second. [Knock at the door.] >> Carly: Okay, all right, Jack. What'd you forget? CRAIG MONTGOMERY IS AT THE DOOR. >> Craig: Carly, it's me, Craig. Open up. >> Carly: No. No, I will not open up. Did Jack see you come here? >> Craig: Of course not. Now come on, open up. It's urgent. >> Carly: The last time it was urgent, your wife attacked me I almost lost Jack. I think that's enough damage for one lifetime. And I promised Jack that I would never see you again. >> Craig: I don't care about your high school pledges. Okay? I have a crisis on my hands. Now Carly, I need you now. I need you like I have never needed you before. [Fade to a commercial break.] Location: Luthers Corners Church Scene: Sanctuary NANCY HUGHES, DR. BOB HUGHES, AND KIM HUGHES ENTER. >> Lily: Oh, thank you. >> Bob: Lily, I'm sorry I couldn't get out to the farm. >> Lily: Oh, I got your note -- you and Kim, it was beautiful. >> Bob: Well, we meant every word of it. If you need anything, you know I'm on call. >> Lily: We're so lucky to have our friends. Thank you. LILY WALSH SNYDER, EMMA SNYDER, AND IVA SNYDER >> Lily: Do you know when Rose is gonna get here? No? >> Iva: She's gonna stay with Faith to get the babysitter settled. And then she's gonna come with Joe. >> Lily: Goodness. She's been so great. She makes Faith laugh and I can't -- I can't do that. She's been great. She picked up Lucinda at the airport. A real godsend. >> Emma: I know, sweetheart, I know. I tried to explain to faith what all this was about -- there just were no words. >> Lily: No, she's too little to understand how cruel life can be. >> Iva: She was asking about her father and her brother and I just, you know, I don't know what to say anymore. JAKE McKINNON ENTERS. >> Abigail: Jake, I'm so glad you made it. >> Molly: I explained to Abigail that you were following a story for the paper. >> Abigail: She said you were in Wisconsin. I was afraid you wouldn't get here in time. >> Jake: I wouldn't miss being with you for anything. How are you holding up? Look, there's nothing that I could -- say that would make losing your father any better, but for some of the things you might've turned to Holden for, I'm here, and I would appreciate if you would lean on me. >> Abigail: Jake, thank you so much. That means so much to me. I'm gonna go see Lily. >> Molly: Honey, that was very sweet what you said to Abigail. >> Jake: Well, I wish I could've come up with something better, like proof that her father was alive. >> Molly: So you didn't find anything in Wisconsin? >> Jake: A couple of leads, but nothing to build your hopes on. >> Molly: I'm sorry. Location: Oakdale Memorial Hospital Scene: Psychiatric ward MRS. JULIA LINDSEY SNYDER, DR. LYNN MICHAELS, AND A NURSE >> Dr. Michaels: An orderly will be here soon to check those bandages. They're gonna need changing. Would you like a cup of tea? Anything else to drink? I feel like I failed you, Julia. I did not realize your depression had gotten to this point. >> Julia: Depression? >> Dr. Michaels: We're gonna have to reevaluate the course of your therapy. But you will get through this. All of us here will are gonna do everything we can to make that happen. >> Julia: I need to see Jack. >> Dr. Michaels: I called Jack. He said he'd be here soon. Well, maybe I should see what is keeping that orderly. DR. LYNN MICHAELS AND A NURSE >> Nurse: I am so sorry I left that knife. >> Dr. Michaels: We'll deal with it later. >> Julia: Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack -- Location: Oakdale Court apartment complex. Scene: Carly Tenney's apartment. CARLY TENNEY AND CRAIG MONTGOMERY [Banging on the door.] >> Carly: You bring your crisis to some other sucker. Okay? I've bailed you out enough. >> Craig: Open the door, Carly! If our friendship meant anything to you, open the door! >> Carly: You know something? You're gonna get me thrown out of this place. You know that? That's it. That's as far as you are coming. CARLY TENNEY OPENS THE DOOR. >> Craig: It's true. It's true, it's over. >> Carly: What? What is over? >> Craig: My marriage, the biggest deal of my life. How am I gonna pay Bryant's trust fund? >> Carly: What? What deal? What are you talking about? >> Craig: The deal I told you about for worldwide stock. The takeover bid against Luci -- >> Carly: Do you know that there is a memorial service for Holden and Luke today? And you're here talking to me about stocks?! What is the matter with you? >> Craig: Yes, I know that there is a memorial service for Holden and Luke, okay? What happened to Holden and Luke is unthinkable, for Lily, for everyone. Do you think I'm gonna bring Holden and Luke back by going to a memorial service?! I don't think so, all right? I cannot go right now. >> Carly: Just tell me what's the problem. >> Craig: Barbara found out I was using B.R.O. funds to buy Worldwide stock. She's going to divorce me and have me arrested for embezzlement. >> Carly: I thought you were smarter than that, I really did. >> Craig: I'm not doing anything wrong! I was making her money grow. She's going to profit hugely from this! >> Carly: Whatever. But you knew your back-door wheeling and dealing was gonna come and bite you in the butt someday. >> Craig: There is a way out of this. There is a way out of this. I'll figure out a way out of this, to beat her at this game. >> Carly: Craig, game over. The jig is up, Craig, and there is nothing you or I can do. >> Craig: No, no, no, no, no. Yes, yes, yes, there is. Yes, there is. I need you to stop me from doing something desperate. [Fade to preview.] COMING SOON ON 'AS THE WORLD TURNS' >> Announcer: Coming soon. >> Craig: Everything is out of control here, especially Barbara. [Music background lyrics begin for: "Its Everything"] >> Announcer: The honeymoon is over. >> Barbara (on a cellular phone): I am ready to press charges. >> Announcer: And so is Craig's free ride. >> Craig: She wants cash by ten o'clock tonight. How am I supposed to do that!? >> Announcer: Now when desperation takes over. >> Barbara (on a cellular phone): I have to put a stop to this. I have to. >> Announcer: What happens next. >> Craig: My life would be a lot easier if she weren't around. >> Carly: You cannot actually be considering murdering Barbara for her money. [View of a beaker with something dropped into a yellowish liquid.] >> Craig: How hard would it be, huh? Probably easier than we think. [View of the beaker with a bubbling liquid high above Barbara.] >> Announcer: .Is everything. As The World Turns. [Fade to a commercial break.] CREDITS ROLL Short version Procter & Gamble Productions, Inc. (PGP) logo display. Short version credits roll. This episode was directed by Michael Eilbaum. In CBS advertisement window: "Big Brother 2" - CBS primetime reality series coming Thursday, July 5. END OF PROGRAM -- Captions by VITAC. -- Captioning sponsored by Procter & Gamble Productions, Inc. and CBS. Additional descriptions and editing by Glenn W. and Nicole. ATWT Transcripts archive - [Non-text portions of this message have been removed] Your use of Yahoo! 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