As The World Turns - Monday, July 09, 2001 (CBS).


TV Rating: TV-14 D


Approximate Oakdale Date: July 5, 2001 (Same day)     

Time: Afternoon


Place: Oakdale, Illinois


Location: Lily Walsh Snyder's mansion.

Scene: Living room.




>> Lily: I have been praying for evidence that Luke and Holden are alive. 

Now, I have it!  Right here in my hands! 

>> Lucinda: If this is a joke, it's a cruel joke.  How -- how did the letter in the

bottle make its way to you? 

>> Lily: I -- a letter.  Another one. 

>> Lucinda: Another letter? 

>> Lily: It's from a fisherman in Algeria.  He said the bottle -- it was in his

net.  He was fishing -- near Malta. 

>> Lucinda: Oh, honey --

>> Lily: Malta. 

>> Lucinda: -- Malta. 

>> Lily: Wait, he says, "I thought the note was a joke in the bottle, but my

wife told me I should send it to the woman for whom it was written.  Here it

is.  If it's a deception, please accept my apologies for intruding.  If not,

Godspeed." This is not a joke!

>> Lucinda: The bottle could come from anywhere, it doesn't mean it's not

from Malta, but -- is the handwriting -- is this handwriting Holden's? 

>> Lily: Yes, look at this.  Absolutely.  I'm sure that Luke dictated this to his

father, and they both signed it.  Look at -- they both signed it, which means

they're together.  Thank God.  And they're safe. 

>> Lucinda: Does it say where they are? 

>> Lily: It says -- "Creepy old dungeon.  A row of Cypress trees, five cypress

trees, golden church dome, they can see the Mediterranean. 

>> Lucinda: Honey, I'm sorry, Cypress trees? 

>> Lily: This is --

>> Lucinda: This is far-fetched.  In a dungeon?

>> Lily: No, it's Malta.  It sounds -- Damian took me by one of the ruins of a

family castle, there's -- I bet you there's --

>> Lucinda: I don't remember that from Malta. 

>> Lily: -- A dungeon there. 

>> Lucinda: You think this is genuine?! 

>> Lily: Look at this signature.  Look at Luke's signature.  Tell me you don't

notice that -- the "K" is backwards.  Remember that birthday card that Luke

made for you? 

>> Lucinda: Yeah. 

>> Lily: You mentioned that. 

>> Lucinda: Whatcha gonna do? 

>> Lily: I'm calling the airport to make sure I'm on the next flight out of



Place: Somewhere in the air.


Location: Small airplane.




[Katie is kissing Simon]

>> Simon: Whoa.  What are you trying to do?  Kill us? 

>> Katie: Simon, do you know that I almost gave up hope.  I almost gave up

my dream.  And now, I know that dreams really do come true.

>> Simon: What -- what -- you dreamed that we crash landed in the Atlantic? 

>> Katie: No.  I dreamed that once you rescued me, that you would pledge

your love. 

>> Simon: I didn't "pledge" anything.  You needled me until I was forced to

say that maybe in some loosely defined way I felt something for you that

vaguely resembled love.  You do know what "loosely defined" means, don't


>> Katie: Nope.  And I didn't "needle." I merely helped you gain clarity.  You

love me.  You said you did.  And you can't take it back now.


Place: Oakdale, Illinois


Location: Oakdale Court apartment complex.

Scene: Carly Tenney's apartment.




>> Carly: Okay.  All right.  I don't -- I don't know what I was thinking.

>> Jack: That you could come to my rescue, and make a couple of our dreams

as well as some of your own come true at the same time? 

>> Carly: I just thought taking the job with Craig would be the easiest way


>> Jack: Out of the frying pan, and into the blazing inferno? 

>> Carly: All right!  So it was the worst idea in the universe. 

>> Jack: I'm late getting to the station. 

>> Carly: You know, I'd tempt you to play hooky, but Molly's going to be

here in a few minutes for a fitting. 

>> Jack: Whoa, wedding talk, straight pins, whispering and giggling.  I'd

better go catch a bad guy. 

>> Carly: Bye, Jack. 




>> Carly: Well, just how bad is bad?


Location: Oakdale Memorial Hospital

Scene: Barbara Ryan's hospital room.




>> Jennifer: Remember when you caught me with Bryant at Lucinda's pool?  I

thought I could have died.  And I begged you not to tell dad.  You wanted to

talk about it though, but I couldn't -- I was so embarrassed you said that if I

couldn't talk about sex, then I certainly wasn't ready to have it.  Mom, I

wanted to talk about it with you so bad, but -- I couldn't.  I was -- I was

mortified.  I couldn't even look you in the face.  But now, I would give

anything to have that day back -- to sit down with you and talk to you about so

many things.  I miss our talks, mom.  I miss them so much.  I miss you telling

me to be patient, to wait for that one guy who -- who will appreciate me for

me.  And -- and now, that day is here, and -- and I just wanted to share it with

you.  I wish all those things I said to you was true.  I wish that I didn't care

what you thought about my life, that I -- that I didn't want to hear you tell me

what to do.  But -- the truth is, I'd give anything to hear one word right now. 


[Barbara Ryan's finger moves.]


Location: Yo's Bar




>> Emily: I'm Emily Stewart, "the Intruder." This is Hal Munson.  He's with


>> Hal: You're Albert Norville? 

>> Norville: I guess I am.  Next question? 

>> Emily: Tell us everything you know about Craig Montgomery. 

>> Norville: I was wondering when somebody come around and start asking


>> Emily: Really, why's that? 

>> Norville: 'Cause of what I been readin' in the papers, about what happened

to his old lady.  All burnt up like that -- what a mess. 

>> Emily: Yeah, uh -- very tenderly put. 

>> Norville: I'm a tender guy. 

>> Hal: Yeah, we're sure you are.  Let's get back to Mr. Montgomery.  You

used to work for him? 

>> Norville: I did a couple of security jobs for him back in the '80S.  Let me

see, he was -- Montgomery and Associates back then.  A few years before

that, he was with a trucking company and Whit McColl. 

>> Emily: That was eons ago. 

>> Norville: I was a pup. 

>> Hal: Have you run into Craig recently?

>> Norville: Well, it's not like we have a regular date for biscuits and tea.  But

I see him from time to time.  And man, the goods I got on this guy could make

the eyes pop right out of that pretty little head. 


Location: Old boathouse.




>> Margo: Your lawyer just left.  It's just you and me now.  And I'm gonna

level with you. 

>> Craig: Please do. 

>> Margo: When the D.A. gets ahold of Barbara's bank records, the one that

burned in the fire, your alibi is gonna fall apart faster than a cheap suit.  Craig,

when did you stop trusting me, huh?  When did you stop thinking of me as a

sister and just make me another cop?  'Cause I love you.  I could have helped

you, if you'd just let me. 

>> Craig: Margo, wait.  I haven't told you the whole truth.  




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Characters shown (in order): Jack Snyder, Miss Jennifer Munson, Simon

Frasier, Mrs. Katie Frasier, Margo Hughes, and Craig Montgomery.


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>> Announcer: "As The World Turns" is brought to you by Metamucil.  The

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Location: Old boathouse.




>> Margo: Thank you, Craig.  I don't like it when you spit in my face and tell

me it's raining. 

>> Craig: I'm trying to hang on here, Margo. 

>> Margo: To what? 

>> Craig: To your faith in me. 

>> Margo: By lying to me and telling me that Barbara's mentally unstable? 

>> Craig: If I told you everything, you'd jump to the wrong conclusions and --

>> Margo: Come on, Craig.  Just risk it -- just -- man, do you remember -- do

you remember when we were little kids and we were both afraid to go off the

diving board?  And we'd hold hands and we'd say, "Don't look down, just

walk to the edge and just take one more step." Remember that?  C'mon, Craig,

c'mon.  Just -- just take one more step.  C'mon.

>> Craig: Okay, I came out here to catch up with Barbara.  I didn't want her

talking to Jack Snyder. 

>> Margo: Why? 

>> Craig: She threatened to have me arrested for misappropriating some

corporate funds. 

>> Margo: Did she have grounds? 

>> Craig: There were checks, all with her signature on it.  There was a

misunderstanding about an investment.  She was angry, she was irrational. 

She wanted me arrested.  And I couldn't risk that.  Just the accusation alone

would be a problem, Margo.  So I couldn't just stand there and watch her

smear me.  I had to stop that. 




>> Jack: And what better way to stop her than with a bomb. 

>> Craig: I was trying to reason with her, that's all.  But I was never in here,

Margo.  I never came through that door.


Location: Yo's Bar




>> Norville: What's your pleasure? 

>> Hal: Information. 

>> Norville: You came to the right guy.  I got all the dirt.  Now, for starters,

this guy Montgomery -- man, what a championship skirt chaser.  Now, when I

did security for him, he used to have all the gals over from the silver angels. 

>> Hal: We don't care how many skirts he chased. 

>> Norville: Well, seeing as how the lady is from "The Intruder" -- I still got

some photographs from some of the office parties. 

>> Emily: Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt.  I think we've steered you in the

wrong direction. 

>> Hal: This is a sketch of the type of bomb that almost killed Mr.

Montgomery's wife.  Ring any bells?


Location: Oakdale Court apartment complex.

Scene: Carly Tenney's apartment.




[Molly has her dress on and Carly is altering it]

>> Molly: Ouch, ouch, ouch! 

>> Carly: Oh, did I get you with a pin? 

>> Molly: No, with your sheer talent.  Carly, this dress is so beautiful it hurts. 

>> Carly: You think so? 

>> Molly: You do realize that Jake and I are going to be the only two people

in all of America getting married this summer, don't you? 

>> Carly: How's that?  All right.  Up on your toes.  You heard me tell you to

bring the shoes, right?  So why didn't you bring the shoes? 

>> Molly: Because I didn't buy the shoes.  Besides, if somebody's looking at

my shoes, they are looking at the wrong thing because it is this gown that they

should be looking at.  When any woman looks at this gown they are going to

cancel their wedding for sure out of pure shame.  It's that simple.

>> Carly: Just promise me that you will not wear any heels over three inches,

okay?  Because you'll ruin the hem, all right?  Quarter turn. 

>> Molly: You know what?  It's times like this, Carly, that I just have to pinch

myself, you know?  I mean, is this my life, or did I get off at the wrong turn

on the merry-go-round and jump into some other lucky lady's karma?  I am so

in love with the most incredible guy, and I have two beautiful little girls, and

one big girl that's on cloud nine because Lily still thinks that Luke and Holden

are alive. 

>> Carly: Oh sweetie, you've got it in spades.  And you deserve it.  Turn

around, arms up. 

>> Molly: You know, you're part of this whole thing too partly.  You are a

huge part of my happiness quotient.  Really.  I mean, you and Jack finally

together, that's what you've been wanting for like ever.

>> Carly: Yep, and I guess we'll have each other to keep ourselves warm. 

>> Molly: What's with the tone?  Not Julia again, I hope. 

>> Carly: Oh, you mean my own private hell-hound?  She just happens to be

costing Jack everything he's ever owned.  He's in hock up to his badge for this

divorce.  But, you know, on the bright side, we are saving up for a bottle of

Cold Duck for our tenth wedding anniversary. 

>> Molly: Ouch. 

>> Carly: What?  Another pin? 

>> Molly: No, Julia.  It's just not fair that that shrew is able to wreak such

revenge on Jack just because he doesn't love her. 

>> Carly: You can not even speak the words "Julia" and "fair" in the same


>> Molly: You know what?  You are gonna be okay, because of this beautiful

gown.  That's right.  So many people are gonna want this, you are not going to

be able to fill the orders fast enough.  And you know what?  You are dripping

in talent, Carly, which is gonna mean so much money.  In fact, I can't believe

some couture house hasn't snagged you up already. 

>> Carly: And that's what's driving me crazy! 

>> Molly: What is? 

>> Carly: If I am so damn talented, then why shouldn't I have the job that'll

make everything okay for Jack and me? 


Place: Somewhere in the air.


Location: Small airplane.




>> Katie: We're going home, Simon, to Oakdale! 

>> Simon: I remind you, Oakdale is not my home.

>> Katie: Well, for the time being it is, especially since you don't have any


>> Simon: Yeah.  Yeah, another one of your many special gifts. 

>> Katie: And with all that trouble that you said Craig got himself into, I don't

think he's going to be paying you very soon. 

>> Simon: Right.  And my misfortune makes you happy why? 

>> Katie: Because it means you have to go back to the Lakeview with me,

where there's running water with room service and no sand in the bed! 

>> Simon: No, no, no.  There's no way I'm living off Craig again. 

>> Katie: Okay, fine, we'll move, later.  But for the time being we're there,

right?  We're stuck.

>> Simon: Unfortunately, yes. 

>> Katie: So let's make the best of it! 

>> Simon: I'm not blowing up a hundred balloons.  So what else have you got

in mind? 

>> Katie: Well, I say we land this thing, run home, rip off our clothes and

make mad passionate love. 


Place: Oakdale, Illinois


Location: Lily Walsh Snyder's mansion.

Scene: Living room.




>> Lucinda: Sweetheart, wait, wait, wait.  Precious moments are slipping

away, but that's why you have to rein yourself in and think back and think. 

You cannot rush off alone to Malta because you got a message in a bottle. 

>> Lily: I have to!  Holden and Luke need me.  I have to. 

>> Lucinda: Look, let us let -- let's explore the diplomatic options first.  I

mean, we could try and get in touch with the fishermen?

>> Lily: No. 

>> Lucinda: All right, then how about the American embassy?  I've got a

friend.  He'll help you.  He can send one of his men to Malta on our stead. 

>> Lily: I can't do that.  We don't have enough time for that. 

>> Lucinda: Darling, you could be walking into a trap. 

>> Lily: If it is a trap, Holden and Luke are in it, and I have to help them. 

Look, when I get to Malta, I'll call the American embassy.  Is that okay? 

>> Lucinda: Yeah. 

>> Lily: Good. 

>> Lucinda: It's a start.  Okay, baby, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree,

does it? 

>> Lily: You don't regret giving me passion and determination, do you? 

They're wonderful, wonderful things.

>> Lucinda: I don't, I just want you to be safe.  Oh, honey, don't you take any

chances.  Don't! 

>> Lily: I won't.  I promise.  Just -- you have to do me a favor.  You have to

keep this secret. 

>> Lucinda: Why? 

>> Lily: Because I know you are gonna be tempted to help.  Please don't.  I

don't know what kind of situation I'm going to find Holden and Luke in. 

Please?  Holden, he's obviously reassuring Luke that everything's okay, but

they're obviously being held somewhere.  If you interfere then you could put

all of our lives in danger.  So please promise me that you'll keep this quiet. 

Don't tell anybody.

>> Lucinda: On one condition -- you communicate with me!  I want you to

telephone me when you get there.  I want you to call me two times a day. 

>> Lily: I will do that.  I promise.  After I'm there a day or two and I settle in,

I will call you.  If you don't hear from me in a reasonable amount of time, you

can do whatever you want.  But, please, don't say anything.  Until then, stay

out of it, okay? 

>> Lucinda: Aye, aye, my captain. 

>> Lily: Thank you.  This is -- I have to hurry.  I'm on the right track, I know


>> Lucinda: Here's this.  Here's that.  All right.  All right, honey. 


Scene: Foyer and front door.




>> Lucinda: All right, you be safe.  Be safe.  Be careful.  My hope goes with

you.  And from the bottom of my heart.

>> Lily: Thank you.  I love you. 


Scene: Living room.




>> Lucinda: Who is this?  Well, hello, dear.  This is Mrs. Walsh at

Worldwide.  When you answer the phone, you're supposed to say, "Senator

Young's office, good afternoon." Not just, "Hello." Is he there?  Yes, thank

you.  Nathan, hello.  Well, yes, as a matter of fact there is.  I need you to

speak to your guy at the State Department.  Oh, that would be incredible. 

Sure.  You know what I also need?  I need a platoon of marines. 




[Rose grabs the phone from Lucinda]

>> Lucinda: What --?  Rose?! 

>> Rose: Ms. Walsh, there are some things that you should not do. 


[Fade to a commercial break.]


Location: Lily Walsh Snyder's mansion.

Scene: Living room




>> Lucinda: Now, Rose, dear, just let me explain something to you.  Your

sister has gone to the airport, and she's about to put her life in danger.  So

please, no interfering.  No interfering. 

>> Rose: I am only interfering in your interfering, which means technically I

am not interfering. 

>> Lucinda: Your sister has gone on a mission to Malta!  She's gonna rescue

Holden!  She's gonna rescue Luke!  And she's there alone, and she has no one

to look out for her? 

>> Rose: You're kiddin'?  Wait a minute, I thought she was gonna put a pause

on that.  I told her to wait for you to come back from "The Big Apple" to talk

to her! 

>> Lucinda: Oh, great.  Yeah, yeah.

>> Rose: To give her some perspective.  What, are you losing your touch? 

>> Lucinda: Ah!  I had her almost convinced.  Well, guess what?  For my

competition, I came up against a message in a bottle.  And there was no more

reasoning with the girl. 

>> Rose: A message in a bottle?  What is this, a Kevin Costner movie?  What

are you talking about? 

>> Lucinda: I don't know.  I've never seen that movie.  Anyway, she thinks

the letter is from Holden and Luke. 

>> Rose: Oh, my --

>> Lucinda: Yeah. 

>> Rose: That's like one of those widow scams we have down at the Jersey

shore.  She didn't buy into that, did she? 

>> Lucinda: There is no stopping the girl, because the handwriting was

Holden's, and the signature was Luke's.

>> Rose: You're kidding?  Really? 

>> Lucinda: Yes. 

>> Rose: Well, that's good!  That's wonderful news! 

>> Lucinda: Why? 

>> Rose: Well, of course she's gonna know her own son's writing.  Luke, did

he sign it with his little backwards "K" and everything? 

>> Lucinda: As a matter of fact, he did.  I mean, I've noticed that before, so

possibly it's right.  You know, hope springs eternal.  But look, Rose, I have a

responsibility!  I'm very concerned about all of them, all three of them, so I

need to alert the proper authorities.  Forget it.  I'll use the other phone, dear. 

>> Rose: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait, wait!  If it's manpower that you

want, I've got a better idea.


Location: Oakdale Court apartment complex.

Scene: Carly Tenney's apartment.




[Carly hands Molly a can of soda]

>> Carly: Just don't spill any, please. 

>> Molly: You spill, Carly.  What is the one thing that's gonna do it for you

and Jack? 

>> Carly: Well, someone has offered me a job designing a new line. 

>> Molly: That's great!  I think.  Is it?  Who? 

>> Carly: Craig Montgomery.  But it would help bail B.R.O. out of trouble,

and it would help Jack get out of debt.  But, of course, Jack is so incredibly

overprotective.  He doesn't want me anywhere near that man. 

>> Molly: I hope you don't take my dress back for saying this, but you know

what?  I kind of get Jack's point. 

>> Carly: Molly! 

>> Molly: Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not blind.  I mean, anybody can see that

Craig Montgomery has the hots for you.  If you want to play dumb for Jack's

benefit, fine, but don't blame him for seeing the obvious.

>> Carly: So what?  So the man flirts.  Flirting is like breathing for him.  But

I'm on to him.  I can handle him with one arm tied behind my back. 

>> Molly: Just like you handled Hal and John?  I'm sorry.  I don't mean to be

mean, Carly, but you know, things that you can handle somehow have a way

of getting out of hand. 

>> Carly: Look, we're talking about a lot of moola here, you know, and for

that, I can be a little extra careful. 

>> Molly: Money has a way of blinding you, cuz. 

>> Carly: Not this time. 

>> Molly: Okay.  We all know how Craig feels about you, but what I'm trying

to figure out is how you feel about Craig.

>> Carly: I don't give a hoot about Craig.  That's just in his imagination. 

>> Molly: Excuse me, did you forget who you're talking to here?  Cherish

Forever doll-face.  From the annals of advice column history, there is ample

proof that no guy infers a relationship unless there's a little help from the


>> Carly: Please, I have not encouraged that man.  Even when that man kissed

me, I didn't have any --

>> Molly: Excuse me?!  Rewind!  What did he do?!


Location: Yo's Bar




>> Norville: Wait one fat second here.  Now, I was nowhere near where that

woman got burned up.  You're not gonna rope me into this thing. 

>> Hal: Just chill out, buddy.  Nobody's pointing a finger at you.

>> Emily: Yeah, we just want you to look at the pictures, see if you can tell us

what type of bomb that was used.  Just look. 

>> Norville: Maybe.  Looks to me like a gas and acid device. 

>> Hal: Correct.  You ever use one? 

>> Norville: Are you nuts? 

>> Emily: Hey, you were special forces, weren't you? 

>> Norville: Navy S.E.A.L.S, yeah, but just for a couple weeks.  Punched a

major in the gut.  Big mistake. 

>> Hal: Your credentials read differently. 

>> Norville: I padded a little.  It looks good on the resume if you're looking

for a security gig or even to be a bouncer. 

>> Hal: Have you ever talked to Montgomery about explosives?

>> Norville: It's been a while.  Let me think.  As a matter of fact, I did. 


Location: Old boathouse.




>> Craig: So trust?  Margo, this is how you earn my trust? 

>> Margo: Oh, come on, Craig.  Don't stop now, please. 

>> Craig: Why, so Jack can hear, too? 

>> Margo: Jack, how did you know that we were here? 

>> Jack: I was on my way to the station, and Grady told me. 

>> Margo: Craig, just tell me what happened when you came out to the

boathouse?  Just tell me. 

>> Craig: I told you I was waiting outside by the trees where you found the

footprint until Barbara arrived. 

>> Margo: Did you notice anything unusual while you were waiting out


>> Craig: No.  I wasn't looking for anyone besides Barbara and Jack. 

Whoever set that bomb must have been in here already. 

>> Jack: We don't need your speculations, Montgomery.  What happened

between you and your wife? 

>> Craig: Nothing.  I already told Margo this. 

>> Jack: Mm-hmm, and you just what, stood outside watching? 

>> Craig: Actually, I was trying to think of something to say to her. 

>> Margo: And? 

>> Craig: I watched her pacing, her jaw clinched, and I knew it was futile. 

There's nothing I could say.  Anyway, I knew Jack was coming, and I didn't

have time to make my case. 

>> Jack: So? 

>> Craig: So I left.

>> Margo: So Barbara never saw that you were waiting here? 

>> Craig: No, no, she never saw me. 

>> Margo: When did Barbara come into the boathouse? 

>> Craig: I don't know.  Not while I was here. 

>> Jack: Mm-hmm.  Now what happened after you left the scene?  Where'd

you go? 

>> Craig: I gave up and went back to the Lakeview. 

>> Margo: To do what? 

>> Craig: To pack.  I had to generate some capital, and Hong Kong was the

place to go. 

>> Jack: And what about the bomb, when did that go off? 

>> Craig: I don't know.  I was gone.  The first I heard about it was when

Margo told me at the airport.

>> Jack: Do you believe this? 

>> Margo: Yeah.  Until I have proof that tells me otherwise -- yes, I believe it. 

>> Craig: Did you find any footprints any closer to the boathouse than this?  I

wasn't in here. 

>> Jack: So that's your defense?  You chickened out and ran away? 

>> Margo: Craig, you know that when Barbara comes out of the coma, she's

gonna identify whoever did this to her. 

>> Craig: Yes.  Well, that's what I pray for every day, Margo, that she will

wake up and tell everyone the truth, that this -- this wasn't me. 


Location: Oakdale Memorial Hospital

Scene: Barbara Ryan's hospital room.




>> Jennifer: I keep thinking that if I tell you something really stupid that I did

that you'll jump out of that bed and wave your finger at me and give me the

evil eye, but I can't even think of something to say.  It was funny, too, because

I always hated it when you went off like that.  Most of the time, I couldn't

even figure out what I had done to set you off.  But I realize now, even with

all the screaming and slamming doors, no matter how bad that was, it's

nowhere near as bad as this.  At least when you were yelling at me, I could tell

that you still loved me. [Barbara moves her fingers] Mom?  Mom, are you

there?  You heard me, didn't you? [Barbara squeezes Jennifer's hand]


[Fade to a commercial break.]




Globe animation appearance.




No globe logo re-appearance.


Location: Lily Walsh Snyder's mansion.

Scene: Living room




>> Rose: I know you, Ms. Walsh.  By the time Lily gets there, she's gonna

have a whole troop of marines washin' up on the Maltese shores with the

Worldwide emblem on their berets. 

>> Lucinda: Oh, give me a break.  Anyway, I'm not gonna let Lily go find

herself in the middle of a Maltese vendetta with no protection.  I'm not going


>> Rose: Well, then send her a hero she won't refuse -- Simon Frasier. 

>> Lucinda: Oh, heavens, Simon frasier?  No, he's not acceptable. 

>> Rose: No, he is a survivor.  He was on that island with nothing but

coconuts and hurricanes, and Lily never lost her head -- I mean, not literally


>> Lucinda: Why do you want to loose Frasier on Lily?  Do you want him to

tempt her again?  Is that it? 

>> Rose: No, I want him to save her life.  Can we compare for a second?  A

fleet of marines on one side?  Or Simon, the low-key, one-man band?  So

what if he turns on his charm, so what?  She's not gonna care.  She's not gonna

go for it.  But she'll be safe, that's true.  She loves Holden.  We all know that. 

>> Lucinda: Yeah, but I don't think Simon would do it anyway.  For heaven's

sake, when it comes to me and money, Simon, unless he's trying to extort it

from me, he seems to be insulted when I offer him money. 

>> Rose: You offered him money to get out of Lily's life.  Now, you're asking

him to save her life.  He'll bite.  Trust me!

>> Lucinda: Well, how do you know that? 

>> Rose: Because he's done it already. 

>> Lucinda: He has?  When? 

>> Rose: Recently.  Whoa!  You're gonna laugh at this one.  Irony, irony,

irony.  You actually, you paid him $10,000 to dig up more information about

the explosion. 

>> Lucinda: I did what?! 


Place: Somewhere in the air.


Location: Small airplane.




>> Simon: Hey, look out the window.  Katie -- look, look, look!  We just

passed Chicago.  The green river is just up ahead. 

>> Katie: Simon, c'mon, don't ignore me.  Do you know how long it's been

since I've gotten any?  And don't even pretend that you've gone as long

without it as I have, because I know you and that Brazilian chick were not just

cha-chaing whenever you were alone together.

>> Simon: Oh, please, can we not go there?  

>> Katie: Don't worry, Simon.  I forgive you, and I didn't just bring that up to

get in a fight.  But really, do you know how long it's been?  Since Halloween! 

Halloween, Simon!  I waited until my '20s to give myself to a guy, and when I

finally did, it was amazing.  It was the most amazing experience.  And then

boom!  It's over!  Over, like a tablecloth being pulled out from under this

beautiful meal, with fine china and beautiful silver and really expensive wine. 

>> Simon: Okay, I get it!  I do get it! 

>> Katie: I feel deprived, and only a mean and selfish man would make his

own wife --

>> Simon: Wait, wait --

>> Katie: Even a phony wife go for nine months without getting the good

stuff.  It's a woman's basic right, especially a woman who sacrificed and

nearly starved and went through sheer hell to get a diamond back. 

>> Simon: All right!  All right! 

>> Katie: You said, "all right." So that means that -- I mean, will you really

make love to me? 

>> Simon: All right, if you just shut up for 30 seconds, yes, I'll do it!  Just

please, I'll do it, if you just sh -- zip it!  Let me land the plane. 

>> Katie: Ooh, sailor, I am gonna rock your boat! 


Place: Oakdale, Illinois


Location: Oakdale Court apartment complex.

Scene: Carly Tenney's apartment.




>> Molly: You didn't tell me Craig Montgomery kissed you!  When did this

happen, Carly? 

>> Carly: Oh, it was ages ago.  It was before he was married even.

>> Molly: How long before? 

>> Carly: A half hour or so? 

>> Molly: Charming.  Big daddy's got real class.  What did you do? 

>> Carly: I didn't do anything. 

>> Molly: Anything meaning what? 

>> Carly: It took me completely by surprise.  What was I supposed to do? 

The man was wrapped around me like a mink stole. 

>> Molly: Did you kiss him back? 

>> Carly: I certainly didn't mean to. 

>> Molly: What?! 

>> Carly: It was just -- it was a reflex, Molly!  And when I got my head

screwed back on straight, I stomped him on his bad foot and told him never to

try that again! 

>> Molly: Foot, huh?  Aims a little low if you ask me. 

>> Carly: Well, it worked.  He hasn't tried anything like that since.  He's been

a perfect gentleman.

>> Molly: Somehow I don't think he's ever been that.  Was he good? 

>> Carly: What? 

>> Molly: At kissing.  Was he good at it? 

>> Carly: Now, what kind of question is that?  And -- and what difference

does that make? 

>> Molly: Oh, like, all the difference in the world.  Hmm?  Was he? 

>> Carly: Yeah.  It was okay, I guess, all right?  But you're making much too

much of this.  I have been doing everything in my power to keep that man out

of my life. 

>> Molly: Great, great.  How's that working for you?  When's the last time

you saw him? 

>> Carly: This morning.

>> Molly: Oh! 

>> Carly: But I had to.  It was important.  I went over to his suite to talk to

him.  It was very important. 

>> Molly: Carly, do you not see trouble all over this?  If you go into business

with Craig Montgomery, it's only going to get worse. 


[Fade to a commercial break.]


Location: Oakdale Court apartment complex.

Scene: Carly Tenney's apartment.




>> Carly: I would be working for Craig.  I wouldn't be inviting him into my

life.  I would be taking the job for Jack. 

>> Molly: How selfless. 

>> Carly: Yes.  I would work just long enough to pay off Jack's lawyer, and

then I would quit. 

>> Molly: Oh my God.  You are really considering going through with this,

aren't you?

>> Carly: You should have seen Parker and Jack at the toy store, and Parker

asked him for one of those intergalactic space things.  Jack had to say "maybe

later." I didn't know which one of them was going to cry first.  And it's a good

thing Jack thinks that you and Jake are still footing the bill for this place.  If he

saw me filling out the rent check --

>> Molly: You hide the rent bill?  Is there any way you could work for Craig

and just not let Jack find out about it? 

>> Carly: You see, now you're talking my language.  Yeah.  I just work on the

sly and quit before anybody gets wise.  It's not just a career opportunity,

Molly.  It's debt relief.  It could cement my whole future with Jack.

>> Molly: Or bury it. 


Location: Oakdale Memorial Hospital

Scene: Barbara Ryan's hospital room.





>> Jennifer: It sure is weak, but I could tell that she was squeezing my hand

on purpose.  Is she waking up now? 

>> Bob: No, she's not responding at present, but motion in the extremities,

well, that's promising.  It could be the first step toward bigger things. 

>> Jennifer: Oh, good, that settles it.  I'm camping out here.  I'm going to fill

the room with flowers, and I'll read to her --

>> Bob: Jennifer, I'm sure there's nothing your mother would want more than

to be able to tell you how much she cares about you right now if she could. 

>> Jennifer: Well, that's what I was telling her when she squeezed my hand,

how much I missed her, and how much I wanted to talk to her, and this is her

way of telling me something!

>> Bob: Well, sometimes it is, and sometimes it's just a muscle reflex. 

>> Jennifer: No!  No, I know that my mother heard me!  I know that she did! 


Location: Yo's Bar




>> Hal: Listen, how far back are we talking? 

>> Norville: 15, 20 years maybe.  Craig did ask one day how somebody

would go about putting a bomb in a truck. 

>> Hal: How did that come up? 

>> Norville: I don't remember exactly.  But get this straight, it was just a

casual thing.  It was hypothetical.  It was just two guys talkin'. 

>> Hal: Uh-huh.  And what did you tell him? 

>> Norville: That I don't remember.  But this is all ancient history, and like I

said, I don't know much about bombs.  Well, other than to recognize one or

two kinds.  And my couple of weeks with the S.E.A.L.S was the last time I

ever touched anything explosive.  And I sure as hell never dealt with anything

like what you showed me.  'Scuse me, I got customers.




>> Hal: My gut says dead end.  How about you? 

>> Emily: Well, maybe not.  Let's go back 20 years, see if anything pops up

that connects to our boy.  Who knows what Craig might have buried? 


Location: Old boathouse.




>> Jack: Come on, Margo.  You better think cop, not sister. 

>> Margo: One footprint -- in the trees. 

>> Jack: Even if he didn't come closer than the trees, he could have had an

accomplice.  Somebody else does the deed.  Craig's hands stay clean. 

>> Margo: Thanks, Jack.  Thanks for your work.  Tell Grady to write up the

call sheets and leave them on my desk, will you? 

>> Jack: I can follow you back to the station. 

>> Margo: I know the way.  I've got a siren. 




>> Margo: Craig, thank you for coming out here and talking to me.  I know it

was hard for you, and for what it's worth, I do believe you.

>> Craig: That's worth everything.  You know that. 


[Fade to a commercial break.]


Location: Lily Walsh Snyder's mansion.

Scene: Living room




>> Lucinda: Absolutely nothing that you're saying clarifies for me why you

would -- how you would give $10,000 of my money to Simon Frasier.

>> Rose: I did it for Lily!  But she only had that little lollipop, and the cops

weren't paying any attention to her, so I told Simon if he found any

information that Luke and Holden were still alive, I'd give him ten grand. 

And without Simon, she wouldn't have found that phone, she wouldn't have

called Damian and heard his voice on the other end! 

>> Lucinda: And Simon Frasier is halfway to Australia. 

>> Rose: No.  See, there you go.  There's another feather in his cap.  No, he

went off to some island, the island, the same island where he was with Lily to

his other -- the wife, the blond wife, Katie.  She's stuck on that island. 

>> Lucinda: What is she doing on that island?  For heaven's sake, has this

whole town lost its collective marbles?

>> Rose: Like 45 years ago.  Where've you been? 

>> Lucinda: Ah!  You know, I give up!  I give up!  If you can't lick 'em, join

them.  All right, meet his price. 

[Lucinda starts writing a check]

>> Rose: Well, I don't know.  He could be on the island still tossin' coconuts

and stuff. 

>> Lucinda: I don't care!  You just do whatever you have to do.  I don't want

her with no protection in a foreign soil, okay? 

>> Rose: I'm goin'.  Here. [Lucinda hands Rose a check]

>> Lucinda: Thank you.  Thank you very much.  Oh, and, Rose, darling, let

me tell you, it's been a long time in my life since anyone has taken such care

of me and my money, and thank you very much.  But you take care of Lily

properly now, so get going!


Location: Oakdale International Airport

Scene: Terminal




>> Attendant: Ma'am, we were able to find a seat on that earlier connecting

flight to New York.  Would you like it? 

>> Lily: Oh, yes, I would. 

>> Attendant: It's boarding right now at Gate 11. 

>> Lily: Thank you.  Thank you so much. 

>> Attendant: It's my pleasure. 

[Lily talks to a picture of Holden and Luke]

>> Lily: Holden, Luke, just hold on.  I'm coming. 




>> Simon: Okay, the bus stop must be this way. 

>> Katie: Oh, to heck with the bus.  I'll spring for a taxi! 

>> Simon: You don't have any money! 

>> Katie: Oh, you are right.  Well, we'll find the Limo stand and charge it to

Craig's account.  Come on.


Location: Oakdale Memorial Hospital

Scene: Barbara Ryan's hospital room.





>> Bob: Have the technician send the test results directly to my office. 

>> Orderly: Yes, Dr. Hughes. 

>> Jennifer: Wouldn't it be better if I stayed with her? 

>> Bob: Not if you're half-starved.  Have you had anything to eat today? 

>> Jennifer: My stomach's in knots. 

>> Bob: Your mother would want you to take care of yourself.  We'll know a

lot more about her condition after this Cat-scan. 

>> Jennifer: I know you're doing everything you can, Uncle Bob.  Thank you. 

It's just that --

>> Bob: I know, I know.  It's scary to see your mother like that.  You're a

brave young woman. 

>> Jennifer: No, I'm not.  Mom has to wake up.  If she'd just wake up,

everything would be all right again.


Location: Yo's Bar




>> Hal: I've been trying to nail Montgomery for over a year.  I thought I'd

gone through every file on him that ever existed. 

>> Emily: You were using a computer, weren't you, Hal? 

>> Hal: I see what you mean.  Yeah, there were times when files got lost

changing over from the manual system.  If that file is buried deep enough in

Craig's past -- I don't know, maybe. 

>> Emily: Well, keep me posted, okay?  Because I still don't have an angle on

this story. 

>> Hal: I'll talk to Tom Hughes, see if I can't talk to him off the record about

his brother-in-law's past. 

>> Emily: Yeah, well, you better keep me in the background on that one,

because Tom and I aren't --

>> Hal: That's your call, Emily.  I'll tell you something, if Craig's got a secret,

I'm sure as hell gonna find out what it is.


Location: Old boathouse.




>> Margo: But listen, just because you've convinced me, that doesn't mean

that the D.A.'s office is going to change their case.  I will talk to Jessica, trust


>> Craig: Mm-hmm. 

>> Margo: But what she does with the information is up to her. 

>> Craig: But you believe me now? 

>> Margo: Yeah, I do. 

>> Craig: That's all I need. 




>> Craig: [on his cell phone] Cass, it's Craig.  No, I'm out here at the

boathouse.  No, I'm alone.  It went better than you thought it would.  Yeah. 

Yeah, it looks like Margo's finally on my side now.  So let's tie up some loose

ends, get some cash back into Bryant's trust fund and get Lucinda off my

back.  Yeah, it's a good omen, Cass.  It's a good omen.  I think everything's

gonna work out fine. 


[Fade to a commercial break.]




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